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Our Voices, formerly known as Their Voices, is a youth-led initiative that empowers newly arrived or refugee young people to create films that are meaningful and enables self-representation on matters of concern.  Participants use the power of film to express themselves through the development and sharing of positive and constructive alternative narratives. The project has been funded by the state government of Victoria, as represented by the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

We Don’t Know

Produced by Salma and Zainab Abdullahi

Duration 14:49 minutes


A Bit About Salma & Zainab


I was originally born in Australia but grew up in Egypt. I identify with Somalia and Egyptian culture because of my heritage and have been living in Australia for 18 months now with my family.

Overall so far my experience of living here has been positive, as Melbourne is a multicultural city.  There is harmony here for me as I’m living in a place alongside people I feel comfortable.

I enjoy reading and playing games and had never been involved in film production before until this project came along. I worked on the film with my sister, Zainab, and it was Zainab who came up with idea for our script.

Our film is about a boy who becomes deaf and blind because of a disease and looks at how he deals with this problem and continues his life. It’s about resilience and sends a good message, as there is light at the end of every tunnel.  We believe the film helps to challenge stereotypesI’ve had a lot of fun doing this course and learnt a lot about other people. I’ve learnt new films and can now direct film.


I am twenty years old and I was originally born in Australia but grew up in Egypt. I enjoy reading and watching comedy shows and worked on this film with my sister Salma. It was amazing sharing our ideas together. I had a a lot of fun doing this program and meeting new people. I learned many things and enjoyed my time on the course. 

A Bit About Fariba

I’m 20 years old at the time of making this film and have been living in Australia for one year and nine months. I came from Iran and live with my parents and sister in Australia. The word harmony to Fariba means ‘everybody is the same and no one is higher or lower than another’

My short doco film is about what my life looked like in Iran and what it looks like now in Australia. I reflect on my family life, friendships, and the increased confidence I’ve gained through learning english. I hope my film will inspire others to follow their dreams and go for their goals.

I chose to participate in the Voices project because I love writing and it’s my dream to become a writer and actress. I’ve learnt ‘many things about scriptwriting and editing on the computer and found the voice over’s to be most fun. I’d recommend this course to other multi-cultural youth.


My Dream

Produced by Fariba Mal

Duration: 5:11 minutes

My Life

Produced by Gary Hlori

Duration: 4:08 minutes

A Bit About Gary

“I was born in North West Burma and grew up there before moving to Malaysia as a teenager. I came to Australia three years ago from Malaysia to study. I’m currently completing his bachelor degree in engineering and live with his brother, sister in law, niece and nephew.

My film is about my love for education and my experience in migrating to Australia. I hope my film makes his parents happy and inspire his friends as well.

I did this program with Youthworx to improve my filmmaking and editing skills and make new friends. I’ve enjoyed sharing ideas and sharing our backgrounds with one another. I had the most fun when students, staff and volunteers came together to have lunch.

This project seems very awesome to me. It’s been a good opportunity to improve many different skills. I really recommend it to others.”

A Bit About Mustafa

I was 16 at the time of making my film. I’m from Somalia but before coming here I was living in Ethiopia. My film is about my experience of living in Australian so far. I chose to do this project because I wanted to learn new skills and tell my story in a way that people would watch and listen. I’ve become someone who can tell stories as a result of this course.

God Willing

Produced by Mustafa Cabdule (AKA Hakeen)

Duration: 7:26 minutes


Produced by Jariatu Gbla

Duration: 11:44 minutes

A Bit About Jariatu 

“I was born in Sierra Leone and have grown up in both Gambia and Australia. I’d say my cultural heritage is African and my experience of living in Australia has consisted of a spectrum of things though mostly positive. Moving to Australia involved my own journey of identity and belonging. Belonging is the acceptance and not tolerance of those around you. Acceptance does not mean believing the same things, it means treating each other with mutual respect. Harmony comes with a shared identity, a shared view-point and a shared likeness.

My film is about belonging, identity and self-acceptance. I chose to do this film because of the unique experience of multicultural youths in being displaced, sometimes many times, having to adapt and re-adapt to new cultures all the while growing and needing to establish their own identities.  I want people to take from my film the complexity of what makes CALD youth what they are in the society.


Anonymous Screen Play

By Anonymous

One participant was unable to stay on to produce their short film but gave permission to share their script anonymously. Their anonymous screenplay can be downloaded below


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